Drug Delivery Technology

Drug Delivery


KRONOTEC™ technology is an advanced osmotic oral drug delivery system that provides timed, customized, and pulsatile drug release to match the timing of disease symptoms.

Unlike other drug delivery technologies in which extended drug release is based on the body’s pH changes, KRONOTEC™ utilizes an osmotic technology for extended drug delivery, resulting in a clean delivery profile unaffected by pH changes from food, gastric transit time, and the impact of other pH-modifying drugs. Many respiratory, CNS, immunology, nephrology, cardiovascular, and gastric diseases result in debilitating and life-threatening events during the night or early morning which require timely drug release for maximum effect.



Kashiv is developing a product utilizing KRONOTEC™ technology to treat early morning ADHD symptom control. More than 50% of children afflicted with ADHD are unable to perform routine daily functions in the morning before going to school, resulting in excessive stress to the patient, family chaos, and frequent delays in reaching the school. Kashiv’s KRONOTEC™ product is administered to the child at bedtime with drug onset after eight to ten hours to treat ADHD symptoms from early morning to late evening for twelve hours. This bedtime dosing regimen avoids the burden for the parent to deal with the difficult task of waking the pediatric patient in the early morning for medication, and instead automatically initiates timely and enhanced ADHD treatment.


Other Drug Delivery Technology

We have developed several novel and proprietary technology platforms to significantly improve the efficacy, tolerability, and compliance of existing and new drugs.


A novel gastric retention system that optimizes drug absorption and provides once daily dosing.


Formulation technologies to maximize the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs to improve therapeutic performance.


Long-acting injectable technologies to provide weeks to months of sustained drug delivery.