Dr. Sandeep Gupta

Chief Executive Officer
25+ Years of Industry Experience

Career History

Libertas Biosciences (2022-2023): CEO
Asana Biosciences (2014-2022): Founder, President, and CEO
Prolong Pharmaceuticals (2019-2020): CEO
Endo Pharmaceuticals (2008-2014): Senior Vice President of Discovery and Early Development
Forest Laboratories (1998-2008): Head of Drug Discovery and Pharmacology
Played key role in development of several blockbuster drugs while at Endo and Forest (Celexa, Lexapro, Namenda, Benicar, Bystolic, Savella, Fortesta, Aveed)
Board Member (Current): Asana Biosciences, Scienture Inc., Libertas Bio, Curadev Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
Co-inventor on >20 patents and has authored >50 scientific papers and book chapters

  • Education

  • • Ph.D., Pharmacology, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • • B.S. & M.S., Pharmaceutical Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, India

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