Drug Delivery Technology

Drug Delivery


LOAD® long-acting injectable technologies provide long-term sustained delivery for weeks to months.

Kashiv is developing innovative depot injections for subcutaneous or intramuscular delivery based on gradual surface erosion for providing long-term, sustained drug release. These injection technologies provide stable pharmacodynamic responses, ease of administration, prevention of relapse due to nonadherence, and better efficacy and safety profiles by preventing under or overdose.  Many conditions such as central nervous system disorders, cancer, hormonal treatment, and other conditions can greatly benefit from injectable sustained-release depot technologies producing delivery times ranging from a week to several months.


Other Drug Delivery Technology

We have developed several novel and proprietary technology platforms to significantly improve the efficacy, tolerability, and compliance of existing and new drugs.


For extended oral delivery of small molecules with a novel gastric retention system to target the drug to its optimal absorption site.


Formulation technologies to maximize the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs to improve therapeutic performance.


A novel gastric retention system that optimizes drug absorption and provides once daily dosing.