mRNA - R&D Capabilities

R&D facility is capable of :
Facility for Plasmid DNA, mRNA & encapsulation
Identifying desired gene and elements for better performance
Gene synthesis & Cell bank for plasmid DNA (pDNA)
pDNA production & purification and release
mRNA production by IVT, purification and release
Encapsulation of mRNA & release
Preclinical and GMP grade clinical trial Material generation
Proprietary technology for LNP and Capping Enzyme
In-house Expertise on Vaccine Dev & Mfg.
Technology Acquisition & Technology transfer to Mfg. (Process & Methods)
Developing a safe and reliable process for mass production of vaccines – Access to Global needs
Cost effective vaccines – Affordable Vaccines
Regulatory & Clinical expertise

Analytical and Bio analytical Capabilities

Physio Chemical Characterization

High Resolution Mass Spectrophotometer
Capillary Electrophoresis, Gel Electrophoresis
Liquid Chromatography Systems
Specialized Detectors (CAD, Fluorescence)
RT-PCR, DDPCR, Gene sequencer, HTS machine

Biological Characterization

Well-equipped lab for dev & validation of Bio-analytical tests: ELISA platforms, receptor-binding, cell-based assays for efficacy/potency. Plater-Readers
Cell-counter, Microscope
Biosafety cabinets, CO2 incubators
Liquid Nitrogen storage tanks/ Deep-Freezers
Surface Plasmon Resonance & FACS