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Kashiv is aiming at developing new molecule entities either via de novo approach or via repurposing of known molecule for targeting various therapeutic areas including Oncology, Pain, Parkinson, COVID 19 etc.

Kashiv has an excellent blend of computational medicinal chemists capable to design and modulate lead molecule via pharmacophore based scaffold hopping by conducting systematic in silico testing focused library building for in vitro in vivo screening

Kashiv has an excellent team of pharmacologists clinicians for devising appropriate animal model and clinical pathway to guide the project for IND filing till conducting clinical trials using appropriate CRO/CMOs

~ NCE Capabilities ~

Chemical Synthesis & Pharmacoinformatics

NCE library generation
Drug synthesis
Lead optimization
Molecular docking

Analytical &

Supporting NCE synthesis (HPLC, LC-MS, NMR) Bioanalytical Activities-Multimode Plate Reader, FACS and LC-MS/MS, HR-MS based analysis

In-vitro biological

ADME Screening
Cell & molecular biology
Novel target validation

In-vivo biological

In-vivo DMPK
Safety pharmacology
Efficacy studies
Toxicology studies


Specialty Segment
Complex Injectables
Peptide Formulations
Innovative Drug Delivery


First-in-human studies
Dose ranging & dose finding
studies Efficacy & Safety
studies in patients

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Strategy
Pre-IND to NDA filing Agency communications
& liaison


Inhouse lawyers & IP
counsels for protecting
the innovations by
building network of patents

We have an inhouse team of skilled professionals looking after
chemistry, pharmacoinformatics pharmacology, ADME, formulation, clinical and regulatory aspects of drug discovery.

Our drug discovery process includes combination of inhouse and outsourced studies starting from generating proof of concept to preclinical to clinical.

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by Professional Experts

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