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We are developing clinically differentiated products compare to reference products, mainly in terms of better compliance for patients as well as Health Care Providers, improved pharmacokinetics, improved safety or efficacy or tolerability, repurposing of known molecules etc. We are also developing products to serve unmet medical needs.
Specialty products comes with advantages over reference products and become itself a brand with their own patent protection and Exclusivity.

With the purpose of improving quality of life for patients, we identify therapeutic areas of unmet medical needs and develop clinically differentiated products that provide safe, effective and affordable access of medicines.
We have a portfolio of differentiated products in our 505(b)(2) and complex generic segment.

Our Strategy

  • We have an in-depth, multi-tiered selection process for evaluating drug candidates to meet our high standards for product selection and development.
  • The process starts with data mining to identify sub-optimal products.
  • We next conduct extensive secondary market research to evaluate clinical unmet need, technical feasibility, market potential, intellectual property, and the competitive landscape.
  • We then develop and validate the selected target product profiles via interviews and market surveys with doctors, payers, and caregivers.
  • As a final step, we develop a compelling business case validated by market potential, development cost, exclusivity, and profitability.
Specialty Products

Kashiv’s Strength

  • Kashiv has strategic product selection process in order to bring value by improving the patient compliance and by fulfilling unmet clinical need.

  • We have an inhouse skilled staff for quick and cost effective execution of product development and well versed with clinical and regulatory aspects.

  • We have successful track record of developing and delivering USFDA approved complex specialty products like YUVAFEM® and ELURYNG®.

  • We are equipped with world class analytical capabilities especially for peptide characterization using high end sophisticated analytical techniques.

  • We have an inhouse team of skilled patent professionals to protect our technologies and innovation


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